Forgiven and Free

I like her voice...

-Kees De Haan, Crossroads Radio, Belgium


Very Good Song...

-Gilles Martin, Radio Aria, France

I'd like to hear more from Anna-Maria,

pleasant debut...

-Ray Williams, Radio Malta, Malta

Good Track...

Doc Schulze, Radio Eurohertz, Germany

Great  voice

-tom Robinson, Kingston Radio0, UK

I loved this

-Peter Hills, Radio Waves France

Really enjoyable first single from Anna-Maria

-Bob  Birch, BB  Radio, UK

More please  -, I enjoyed this

-Ray Pannach, Coast FM, Australia

Very good

-Urbain Van Geeturuy, Radio Beiard, Belgium

Nice voice, good song

-Etienne Berthels, Radio Terre Franche, Belgium

Loved the song

-Joe Bartolo, One Radio, Malta

Very interesting, excellent voice, excellent  done song

-Kurt Gabriel, ECMA Radio Shtopshire, UK

A soulful, sweet tasteful track with nice textures

-Adrian Clark, Country Music Roots, UK

Great Song

-Rory Haath, Country Barnyard Radio, UK

Sublime vocals

-Richard Dales,-Coupland, Zetland FM, UK

Will definitely be playing this

-John Staff, CCM Radio, UK

Impressive music from a new act

-Robert MacMillan,,Radio, UK

Very likable debut

-Stuart Cameron, East Coast FM UK


Hangin' On for the Ride

I loved this

-Peter Hills,Radio Waves, Freance



Enjoying this uplifting and delightful country music song, gives a feeling of happiness just like any vintage steam train ride gives us

-Tom Robinson, Kingstown Radio, UK

Super little song!

-Bob Birch, BB Radio, UK

Very good track

-Ray Pannach,Coast FM , Austrailia

Excellent delivery

-Joe Bartollo, One Radio, Malta

Great song!

-Rory Heath, Country Barnyard Radio, UK

Nice listenable number,I like it!

-Stewart Fenwick, Celtic Music Radio, UK

Excellent done song, very interesting voice

-Kurt Gabriel, ECMA Radio, Austria

This moves along nicely, I rather like this!

-Marie Crichton, BBC Radio Shropshire, UK

Good Song

-Andrew Wallace, Fraser Coast FM, Australia

Nice Voice, good song

-Alan Foulkes Eadio Broadgreen, UK

A Little Change

Little Blue Matchbook


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